Spring 2011 Update


The angel at the empty tomb told the women, “He is not here; for he has been raised, as he said. Come, see . . . then go quickly and tell…” (Matthew 28:6-7a) THE GPMO Board would like to thank you for your financial and prayer support of Grace and Peace Mission to Orissa. It is our great privilege to “come and see, go and tell” about the exciting things that God is doing in this corner of His world.

There are currently 128 children living at the Nanda orphanage. Because of the generosity of many people, there are only 21 children who are not currently sponsored. Just $15/month ($180/year), helps provide food, clothing and education for a child. That is an amazing investment!

We also have 11 of 16 pastors of tribal churches sponsored. The pastor sponsorship is $35 per month ($420/year), which enables a local pastor to provide for his family and do the work of the Lord in his community.

New Developments
In recent months, GPMO has been able to provide some much-needed improvements at the orphanage. A well was dug which is deep enough to sustain the orphanage during dry
seasons, and a new irrigation system makes it possible to plant crops.

A fence is currently being built around the perimeter of the 7-acre compound to protect the crops from animals. We hope to eventually purchase livestock- another important step toward helping the orphanage become self-sustaining.

GPMO purchased an auto rickshaw. This is used to transport people and supplies to and from the orphanage, leprosy community, schools, etc. It is also used for ministry in the community.

A group, led by Director Hemant Tandi and Graham Upton of Faith Bible Church, will be going to Orissa from July 15-30. Please keep them and the entire ministry in prayer.

Fall Update 2011


In 1 Corinthians 3: 6,7,9 we read “I (Paul) planted, Apollos watered but God was causing the growth. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything but only GOD, who makes things grow. for we are co-workers in God’s service.” What a privilege to be a co-worker in God’s service!

Highlights from trip to Orissa – (July 15 – 29)

New Experiences
As always a warm welcome from the smiling, dancing children and staff greeted our team of five from Faith Bible Church and the Tandi family. There were a lot of “new” experiences as we entered the “new” gate and saw the “new” fence surrounding the compound that was recently built to protect the orphanage grounds from wandering livestock. We also benefited from the “new” well providing an abundant supply of water and enjoyed the extra space added on to the “new” girl’s dorm. What a wonderful growth God was causing in the protection and care of His dear children at Nanda.

New Opportunities
We also had the privilege of witnessing the baptism of two new converts (two ladies who were not afraid to stand up and embrace the Christian faith) in the local reservoir. We experienced Hemant and Saima praying with a family from an animistic tribal village who had lost a husband/father. The first time they had been able to pray in this tribal village – a village in the jungle which had been found by Hemant many years ago. Over the years Hemant, Saima & the staff at Nanda as well as GPMO supporters, have been instrumental in building a good relationship with the people, and opening a new school and clinic. God was causing the spiritual growth.

New Needs
With 145 children (including 8 college students) being supported at the orphanage there is always a need for new sponsors to help feed, clothe and educate for just $15/month ($180/year). Currently there are 30 children not sponsored. Also we witnessed first hand the need for a dining shelter for the children especially during the monsoon season as they tried to find shelter under the big tree while they ate standing up. The ongoing need to purchase livestock to help the orphanage become self-sustaining is another important vision for the future.

The GPMO Board would like to thank all those who have supported Grace and Peace Mission prayerfully and financially during the year. Please continue to pray for the on-going work at Nanda.