Other Ministries

Leprosy Outreach

Leprosy has been documented as early as 4,000 years ago. The bacteria that trigger the disease cause skin lesions and nerve damage, and the resulting disfigurement leads to ostracism, isolation, and despair. While the disease has largely been eradicated in most parts of the world, leprosy is still a harsh reality for many in India.

GPMO cares for six leprosy victims and their extended families who live in community a mile from the Nanda orphanage. Without proper preventive medications, family members may also develop this disabling disease.

The Tribal Churches

There are more than 20 small, tribal churches in the jungle surrounding the Nanda orphanage that need spiritual supervision and practical encouragement.

Many of these congregations lost their buildings during two waves of persecution by extremist Hindus in 2009. GPMO strives to provide basic support to the local pastors and congregations.

CNI Church Eulusuga

Diocese of Phulbani

You can help!

For $35/month, churches or individuals can make a significant impact by partnering with an indigenous pastor/congregation.


You can also send your tax-deductible check made payable to Grace and Peace Mission at 200 Front Street, Vestal, NY 13850.

Please include your email address with your first check so you can receive updates about the orphanage and the tribal churches. Checks can be sent monthly, quarterly or annually.

The Kutia Kondha Tribe (An Unreached People Group)

Few outsiders have ever seen the Kutia Kondha people. They live deep in the jungle hours away from the Nanda orphanage, have no written language, and are largely untouched by the outside world.

The tribe embraces animism, the belief that spirits inhabit living creatures and inanimate objects and govern their existence. Native evangelists from GPMO have spent years building trust and relationships with this people group in order to begin to share the gospel with them.

Recently, four of the Kutia Khonda children came to live and learn at the orphanage- an exciting opportunity!