Few outsiders have ever seen the Kutia Kondha people.

They live deep in the jungle hours away from the Nanda orphanage, have no written language, and are largely untouched by the outside world. The tribe embraces animism, the belief that spirits inhabit living creatures and inanimate objects and govern their existence. Native evangelists from GPMO have spent years building trust and relationships with this people group in order to begin to share the gospel with them. Recently, four of the Kutia Khonda children came to live and learn at the orphanage. They are thriving at Nanda, and the tribal leaders have now asked if ten more children can join them. At the orphanage, the children are receiving the basic necessities, a loving home, education, and are hearing for the first time about the sovereign God of the universe who has all authority over the spirits that oppress the people. As the children travel home to visit their families, they are beginning to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the villages. Because of your donations and the faithful, patient witness of Christians in Orissa, the day will be coming when the Kutia Khondha are no longer an unreached people group!

GPMO has a new and updated website!

Be sure to visit: gpmoindia.org. There are narratives and pictures about the history and current ministries with the orphanage, the leprosy community and the unreached Kutia Kondha tribe, as well as pictures of the children in the orphanage who still need to be sponsored. When someone decides to sponsor a particular child, information is given to complete the process immediately and securely online or to send the request/check through the postal service.

Please pray for:

  • the ongoing work of GPMO and the orphanage staff who facilitate all the day-to-day ministries.
  • our Christian brothers and sisters in India. The Voice of the Martyrs (www.persecution.com/) reports that “Persecution of Christians is most intense in Orissa state.”
  • the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit as Jesus Christ is courageously shared by word and action in Orissa.
  • the financial support that will allow GPMO to reach more people with help and hope through Jesus Christ.